Rubens Barn Mini EcoBuds

Rubens Barn’s smallest dolls

Mini EcoBuds are Rubens Barn’s smallest, handmade and organic soft dolls. They are friendly with lots of characters!

The Mini EcoBuds dolls follow along giving comfort both in sleep and play to the littlest of adventurers. Mini EcoBuds dolls have a pair of strings on the back to easily attach them to your bag or pram so that they can come along with you on all your adventures!

Want to know more about learning through play? Check out our guide “ The Importance of Play” and learn more. 


Mini EcoBuds Our Mini Tree Planters


When you adopt a Rubens Mini EcoBuds doll, a tree is planted for our planet together with One Tree Planted. Each Mini EcoBuds doll comes with a Tree Certificate to sign and gift to a loved one. Tree planting is about investing in the future generation. Read more about our tree planting campaign here.

By the end of 2022, our aim is to reach a total of 26,000 planted trees through the sales of the Mini EcoBuds.

23 619 trees planted

Join the #TreeCuddle

Join the #TreeCuddle to spread awareness of the importance of trees for the environment and the future generation. Here’s how:

1. Cuddle a tree and take a photo for Instagram.

2. Hashtag #TreeCuddle.

3. What do trees mean for you in your daily life? Tell us in your caption!

Rubens Barn

Rubens Barn are Swedish designed, high-quality, and handmade soft dolls with the purpose of helping children become confident and compassionate individuals. All the dolls are sculptured in soft fabric, for a more emotional and realistic look. Their eyes are carefully embroidered and are what bring the dolls to life in combination with their warm cheeky smiles.

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