Rubens Barn EcoBuds

Rubens Barn’s first Soft dolls in organic cotton!

Say hello to EcoBuds, Rubens Barn’s first handmade soft dolls in soft organic cotton.

Rubens Barn’s Nature Explorers

Rubens EcoBuds dolls love holding hands and exploring the environment, they are nature friendly and waiting for a friend to come along on their journey! 

Explore Rubens EcoBuds Universe!

Rubens EcoBuds can be found in beautiful spaces both indoors in children’s rooms and outdoors in nature. Get inspired and share your own moments on Instagram using the EcoBuds hashtag. Also, check out Pinterest for fun ideas! 


An outfit for each season

Rubens EcoBuds dolls love everything from watching the trees blossom in spring to playing in the thick winter snow, and their outfits are inspired by the nature, one set for each season. 

All Rubens Barn doll accessories and doll clothes are designed in Sweden. They are designed to give children the opportunity to practice creativity, care, and empathy through role-playing.

Want to know more about learning through play? Check out our guide “ The Importance of PLay” and learn more. 

Let’s have fun!

D.I.T. is a campaign to encourage children and parents to engage in a creative activity together by designing fun doll clothes for Rubens Barn dolls.

Get some ideas to make your very own personalized outfit!

Let’s make fun doll clothes together! Get inspired through our D.I.T Nature Edition!

Rubens Barn

Rubens Barn are Swedish designed, high-quality, and handmade soft dolls with the purpose of helping children become confident and compassionate individuals. All the dolls are sculptured in soft fabric, for a more emotional and realistic look. Their eyes are carefully embroidered and are what bring the dolls to life in combination with their warm cheeky smiles.

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