Teruko, Founder

Born in Japan.

Teruko loves cooking, especially for her grandchildren (barnbarn) who live all over the world. Her seafood pasta is amazing!

Kent, CEO

Born in New Zealand.

Kent has lived in Melbourne, Dubai, and Dunedin. While not traveling as actively now, he is enjoying time with his three active children.

Maria, Head of Finance & Purchasing

Born in Sweden.

Maria joined the team in our earlier days, Maria is a busy multitasking mother, not only at home, but she takes care of us at Rubens Barn too.

Sandra, Digital Marketing

Born in Finland.

Sandra is a Finnish Nigerian living in Sweden. She loves baking and eating so much that her family outings are many times at the gym with her active little son.

Alaa, Digital Marketing

Born in Syria with Palestinian roots and lives in Sweden. 

Alaa loves art, books, and music. She has a passion for writing and dreams about writing her own novel. During her free time, she likes to watch romantic comedy movies and spend time with her small family.

Ella, Design & Production

Born in Sweden, with a bit of Danish heritage.

Ella is a busy bee who likes to constantly fix, plant, or design something new in her active household of children, pets, and plants among other things.

Matilda, Design & Production

Born in Sweden.

Matilda loves to play and experiment with unique forms and soft textures. During her free time, she likes to stay active jogging and rock climbing.

Lella, Head of Global Sales & Business Development

Born in Sweden with Danish and Polish roots.

Lella is a multicultural person who enjoys music. Although her kids are past teenage, she still thinks she is a young adult, dancing away to hip-hop tunes.